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The Shirley Cuff Colon Cancer Research Fund has been set up to honour and remember the legacy of Shirley Cuff, a wonderful person, mother and wife who was lost to colon cancer in July 2013.

Shirley’s treatment covered a range of chemotherapy drugs and surgical procedures which she approached with a calm strength and willingness to do all she could to regain her health and be part of all the dreams and wishes she had for her family and life.

Our plan is to carry on that very special desire Shirl had to win the fight through her research foundation and we need your support for that to happen.

The research facility we have chosen is the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute. This is an outstanding facility and the research in Shirley’s name will help offer hope to those with colon cancer. Please join our team by giving your support.


The Walter and Eliza Institute

The Walter and Eliza Hall Institute is Australia’s longest-serving medical research, celebrating 100 years of discoveries for humanity in 2015.

Our researchers are leaders in understanding, preventing and treating diseases such as breast, blood, lung, ovarian and bowel cancers, diabetes, arthritis, coeliac disease, HIV and malaria.

The Walter and Eliza Hall discoveries have:

  • reduced death from snakebite
  • protected populations from influenza
  • improved treatments for cancer patients worldwide
  • revolutionised blood stem cell transplants
  • led to clinical trials of novel vaccines and anti-cancer treatments.

Our scientists have advanced understanding of the human body, its response to disease and how to improve treatments and reduce suffering.